Transfer + Present Action

AMT BANK LLC and the BYSTRAYA POCHTA money transfer system are again holding a joint action for customers with giving of presents for making transfers

Lucky Transfer Action

By making and receiving money transfers via the Western Union or Bystraya Pochta (Fast Post) systems at Moscow offices of the Bank, you may take part in the Lucky Transfer! action and get a present

Events and News

24 May 2011 | Changed Address of Saratovsky Branch

AMT BANK LLC informs you about the change of the address of the Saratovsky Branch. The new address of the Saratovsky Branch of AMT BANK LLC is: 2 Im. Shevchenko T.G. Str., Saratov, 410056, Russia

23 May 2011 | Change of Tariffs

Dear customers! On May 31, 2011 a new wording of the terms and conditions for rental of individual safe deposit boxes for the City of Moscow is taking effect

20 May 2011 | AMT BANK Launches Preferential Tariffs of L/Cs for Mortgage Settlements

On May 30, 2011 AMT BANK is launching new preferential tariffs for execution of mortgage transactions with the use of a documentary letter of credit (L/C) under the mortgage programme of banking lending